WORLDWIDE – On Sunday, October 4, activists and opponents of fracking from 28 countries including Portugal, England and Spain will demonstrate outside Brazilian Embassies and consulates, as well as in front the headquarters of fossil fuel companies involved in a new auction of fracking exploration rights organized by the Brazilian government. In Brazil, actions in different cities will take place across the states of Paraná, Bahia, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Acre and the Federal District.

The demonstrations in support of the Coalizão Não Fracking Brasil (No-Fracking Brazil Coalition) aims to send a clear message to the  Brazilian government from a global movement united against fracking in the face of the upcoming auction to sell new blocks for fracking exploration on areas which overlap with the territories of indigenous peoples, key aquifers and ecological sanctuaries.

“The Brazilian government claims that there is no opposition to fracking in other countries. This coming weekend, with anti-fracking actions planned across continents, we are sending one message to Brazil’s government: fracking is not welcome anywhere,” said Nicole Figueiredo de Oliveira, Brazil Team Leader and part of the Coalizão Não Fracking Brasil.

Fracktivists are determined to pressure the Brazilian government to withdraw the permits for the use of this technology that is threatening the territorial rights of indigenous and un-contacted peoples, as well as the air, soil, and surface and groundwater sources for rural and urban population, and would leave a permanent and irreversible destruction trail.

The anti-fracking movement has had several successful milestones worldwide and also in Brazil.  as we can see from the examples of the United Kingdom, France and the United States, opposition to fracking is growing around the world. “In Brazil we achieved important victories in 2014, mobilizing more than one hundred thousand people against fracking in two cities of Paraná. Also, a Court suspended exploration activities within the blocks traded at the previous auction made by the Brazilian government. Now, we will intensify our campaign to prevent and obtain another Court suspension for the October 7 auction,” Nicole concluded. is working around the world in the lead up to the Paris climate talks to build momentum towards a fossil free world. Just last week, and the Divest-Invest coalition announced that institutions representing over $2.6 trillion in capital have now made some form of commitment to divest from fossil fuels. This November and December, will be working with allies to organize major mobilizations in Paris and across the planet to demand bold action to address the climate crisis.


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