November 11, 2016 reacts to Kenya’s government revocation of the Lamu Coal Plant project

NAIROBI –  The Energy Regulatory Commission in Kenya has revoked AMU Power Company’s licence for the coal-fired power plant that was projected for construction in Lamu County, threatening the region’s rich cultural heritage and vast biodiversity. The decision followed a letter sent last Monday by the National Environmental Management Authority to the company, stating AMU failed to fulfill the conditions to obtain the Environmental Impact Assessment licence.

“This is a clear indication of people power opposing the coal plant and spearheading the call to halt harmful industries that will have irreversible impacts on the Lamu community, as we sought to increase the pressure on the government to cancel the project,” said Prince Papa, Field Organiser.

With the COP22 taking place in Marrakesh this spotlights the need to freeze all new planned fossil fuel development. “We salute this revocation as this should motivate other African governments to heed the call, inspiring others to embrace renewable energies in lighting up the continent. The only viable way to meet the targets in the Paris Agreement and save the planet from climate devastation is an immediate halt of new coal, oil and gas development, and a radical shift to finance a just transition towards a 100% renewable energy future for all”, added Landry Ninteretse, 350Africa Team Leader.


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