May 3, 2023 Responds to Shell’s Obscene Profits

London, UK. On the 4th of May, oil giant Royal Dutch Shell will announce record breaking profits for the first quarter of 2023. The announcement will likely generate a storm of criticism as the corporation continues to support a handful of wealthy shareholders during a cost-of-living crisis and the British government refuses to take the necessary regulatory action.

Tommy Vickerstaff, UK Team Lead at said: 

“Shell’s profits have been obscenely high over and over again to the point that they’re becoming almost normalised. The UK government has consistently failed to adequately tax these profits despite everyone’s bills going up and millions more people being pushed into fuel poverty. Government inaction should not mean public indifference and we must demand that these companies are not allowed to hoard wealth whilst the ordinary people, workers and families are forced to choose between heating and eating.”


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