February 11, 2014

350.org statement on the unprecedented floods in the UK

350.org Europe Team Leader, Nicolò Wojewoda, issued the following statement earlier today in response to the unprecedented floods devastating much of England:

“As accusations continue to fly between UK government officials on who is to blame for the badly managed flood response, the reality is that the country is currently being battered by the elements in an exceptional manner. The fact that government officials choose to ignore this, and the latest statement by the Met Office’s chief scientist, Dame Julia Slingo, in that all the evidence suggests there is a link to climate change, means this country and its people are being jeopardized for the sake of climate denialists. To help people deal with this difficult time, as David Cameron claims to be doing, only means one thing: accepting the realities of climate change.”

350.org Strategy and Communications Director, Jamie Henn, added:

“The best form of flood insurance the UK government can have to deal with this most exceptional period of rainfall in 248 years is quite simple: stop burning fossil fuels. Recent statements by David Cameron showing blatant support of shale gas exploration directly undermines global efforts to hold-off dangerous climate change. Instead, The UK, and the EU at large, need to decarbonize and support investment and jobs in clean energy while adding momentum to international climate negotiations for a global treaty due in 2015. Instead, Cameron has chosen to support the wrong side ignoring the needs of citizens at the expense of the vested interests of the dirty, fossil-fuel industry.”