October 6, 2020

350 US announces mass GOTV efforts

Washington, DC — With less than a month until the US election, 350.org and its local chapters are gearing up to get out the vote (GOTV) efforts. Staff and volunteers are tirelessly phone banking, textbanking, letter writing, postcard writing, and supporting communities to make sure everyone’s right to vote is supported, protected, and counted.

At 350 US, thousands nationwide are pouring efforts into phone and text banking, with a goal of 350,000 calls by Election Day. 350 US has partnered with the Environmental Voter Project to ensure environmental voters make our voices heard.

“We’re ramping up our get out the vote efforts because we know that to effectively address the climate crisis, we need solutions across sectors that prioritize those most impacted — Black, Indigenous, communities of color, workers and low income communities. Climate justice and action cannot exist in a silo — we need leaders who see the interconnectedness of lowering emissions and cutting pollution with housing rights, economic justice, racial justice, and healthcare. This November, we’re rising up to make sure our demands are heard,” says Dominique Thomas, 350.org NY & Mid-Atlantic Organizer.

In Colorado, 350 Colorado staff and volunteers are galvanizing around the goal of texting and calling 130,000 voters in their state.

“The climate crisis and voter suppression disproportionately impacts BIPOC communities because of deeply entrenched and pervasive systemic injustice that allows people in power to enact barriers to eligibility, voting, and representation and access to clean air and water. This is why we must make every vote count in the most crucial election of our lives,” says Amy Gray, 350 Colorado Volunteer and JEDI Director.

Megan Neufeld, an intern at 350 Colorado, adds, “Colorado youth understand the impact this election will have on determining the fate of the climate crisis, and therefore, our future. We are getting out the vote by phone and text banking in the weeks leading up to the election so we can convince others not only to vote for themselves, but to vote for us too.”

In California, 350 Bay Area’s sister organization 350 Bay Area Action is joining arms with five partners to launch a mass GOTV push for the final four weeks. The effort targets voters in Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Alaska, Arizona, and Colorado, so far conducting 37 virtual phone banks in which 800 volunteers made 50,000 calls.

“Our volunteers know that the stakes in this election could not be higher. Our country will go one way or another in November. It is essential that we secure leadership that will protect the environment and the climate. There is simply no more time,” Marti Roach, lead for the 350 Bay Area Action Go Green Vote Blue Phone Bank campaign. 

In Seattle, 350 Seattle Action staff and volunteers are getting out the vote within Washington State and across state lines.

“This election will have an unfathomable, centuries-long impact on everything that we care about, including our ability to tackle the climate crisis, health care, voting rights, civil rights, and more,” said Alice Lockhart, 350 Seattle Action Volunteer Organizer. “That’s why we’ll be doing all we can over the next month to make sure that all Americans cast their vote on the issues they care about. As a climate organization, we know that voting is our best chance at securing the action we need to stave off the worst impacts of the climate crisis.” 

In Minnesota, MN350 staff and volunteers are getting out the vote across the state and providing targeted support to communities disproportionately impacted by barriers to voting.

“At MN350, we’ve been organizing for months and months, with communities across the state and our eyes towards this election season and beyond. Organizing is so important to building lasting power to create change within and outside of our current system of governance. Mass mobilization is also critical because if we want to get anything done politically next year, we need everyone to vote so that we can get climate deniers out of office,” says Danielle Trajano, MN350 Policy Action Organizer. “To do this, our volunteers and community are hosting multiple call sessions every week in some of the most strategic districts in Minnesota. We’re also writing letters, text banking, and supporting get out the vote efforts in Native communities so their voices are at the table.”

On Wednesday October 7, 350 US is holding its next Solidarity School mass call to make connections between “Voter Suppression & Climate”. 



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For more on 350 US national get out the vote efforts, visit: 350.org/climate-vote