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Phone bank shifts:

  • Fri 10/30, 4 PM Eastern
  • Fri 10/30, 6 PM Eastern
  • Fri 10/30, 8 PM Eastern
  • Sat 10/31, 4 PM Eastern
  • Sat 10/31, 6 PM Eastern
  • Sat 10/31, 8 PM Eastern
  • Sun 11/1, 4 PM Eastern
  • Sun 11/1, 6 PM Eastern
  • Sun 11/1, 8 PM Eastern
  • Mon 11/2, 4 PM Eastern
  • Mon 11/2, 6 PM Eastern
  • Mon 11/2, 8 PM Eastern
  • Tues 11/3, 10 AM Eastern
  • Tues 11/3, 12 PM Eastern
  • Tues 11/3, 2 PM Eastern
  • Tues 11/3, 4 PM Eastern
  • Tues 11/3, 6 PM Eastern

Each shift will begin with a short training.

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Our priorities this election

We have less than a decade to get climate change under control. Even though the majority of registered voters believe our leaders need to do more on climate action, they’re not doing enough. With your help, that changes in this election.

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Join’s Climate Vote Project to:

Turn out environmental voters to the polls.

Campaigns only target likely voters because campaigns have limited time and money they typically only communicate with people who are most likely to vote. As a result, campaigns only poll likely voters to see what issues they care about. Unfortunately, nearly 16 million environmentalists did not vote in 2014 pushing climate change and environmentalism low on the list of likely voters’ issues. In partnership with the Environmental Voter Project, we’ll turn that around by turning out environmentalists and centering climate justice in on our leaders’ agendas.

Combat voter suppression.

Those most impacted by the climate crisis have had the least to do with the problem. Specifically, Black, Indigenous, and communities of color (BIPOC) have been the hardest hit by climate disasters and fossil fuel extraction. These very same communities are also facing targeted voter suppression efforts. In order to protect our democracy and planet, we must fight for every eligible voter’s right to vote. We’ll do this by rapid response campaigning whenever an election official puts up a roadblock and by recruiting hundreds of in-person Election Day volunteers to help our fellow Americans navigate the election process without obstruction.

Protect the Vote

If you agree that every eligible voter deserves to have their voice count, you can take action from home or in person by serving as a nonpartisan Election Protection volunteer. We are signing up social media monitors to combat disinformation and in select states on the ground Election Day poll monitors

Will you sign up to volunteer? Click below. You’ll be taken to our awesome partners in the Protect the Vote Coalition to sign up.

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