December 2, 2023

Win for Climate Movement as 119 Countries Announce Commitment to Triple Renewable Energy Capacity but Decry the Industry Transition Accelerator as a Dangerous Distraction.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Today, 119 countries have announced a commitment to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030. Powering up renewables is a tremendous development and one that has outlined as vital in keeping to a 1.5-degree temperature limit.

However, the non-binding Industry Transition Accelerator announced in the same speech as the triple renewable energy does not deliver meaningful steps towards reducing emissions and takes attention away from the need to phase out all fossil fuels, oil, coal, and gas. 

Andreas Sieber,’s Associate Director of Policy:

“The pledge by 119 countries to triple renewable energy by 2030 is a  good start. We should see it as providing momentum, a means not an end, for landing the global target to triple renewable energy by 2030 in the negotiated outcome of COP28.  Tripling renewables need to be part of a comprehensive energy package including a decision to phase out fossil fuels, phase in renewables, and support the transition with meaningful climate finance.”

“It is crucial that the global renewable energy transition occurs at the scale and speed necessary and  does not exclude wide parts of the Global South substantial support.”

“The COP28 President’s voluntary oil and gas sector initiative unfortunately takes attention away from the need to reduce fossil fuel production and consumption drastically this decade: Rather than committing to reduce the combustion of fossil fuels – the primary driver of climate change – these corporations propose a reduction in “operational emissions” occurring prior to the burning of oil and gas. This selective approach conveniently sidesteps addressing 80-90% of their overall emissions.”

Cansın Leylim Ilgaz, associate director of global campaigns 

“We don’t have time to waste with more pledges and initiatives with fancy names. To shift the billions of dollars going from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and achieve an ambitious renewable energy target globally, we need a fast, fair, and equitable fossil fuel phase-out that does not rely on dangerous distractions. Cop28 must ensure we take the steps to ensure our collective future is one of shared prosperity by massively scaling up public finance for a just transition.”

Drue Slatter, Pacific Climate Warrior

“Over the last month, the Pacific Climate Warriors have powered up our communities to demand greater access to renewable energy, so this announcement carries great meaning for us. Today’s announcement gives us hope and resolve to continue our fight, but unless there is a formal agreement that puts Global South countries at the center, we will keep pushing and advocating for more. We still need a fossil fuel phase out and we must not transition from one broken system to another. Countries that are historically not responsible for the climate crisis are experiencing the worst climate impacts. We must push governments in rich countries to prioritize renewable energy resources to countries least responsible for the climate crisis and most vulnerable to its impacts.”

Nicolò Wojewoda,’s Europe Regional Director:

UK and EU political support for a substantial renewable energy target cannot come at the expense of supporting an urgent phase out of fossil fuels. A meaningful transition requires us to do both, and the good news is, we can do both. There is enough funding we can unlock by redirecting subsidies from fossil fuels to powering up renewables, while also taxing the wealthy and the polluters, to accelerate that transition rapidly and equitably. European governments’ current funding choices make it clear who they’re siding with – fossil fuel giants headquartered in our regions, over communities in Europe and around the world who are ready to lead a transition to renewable energy for all.”

Zaki Mamdoo, 350. org’s Campaign Coordinator, StopEACOP:

“Prevention of the worst impacts of the climate crisis requires strong, global resolve to phase out fossil fuels and put an end to the ongoing exploitation and damage caused by projects like the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). COP28 could be an opportune moment to take decisive action and develop the frameworks needed to deliver a just transition to Africa. Leaders from the continent need to elevate our demands for restorative justice, reparations, and debt cancellation, In order to enable Africa’s shift away from fossil fuels and pursuit of renewable energy alternatives capable of meeting the material needs of all our people.”

Click here to read’s landmark report on financing and implementing a just global renewable energy target.

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