So you set up a petition calling on your MP to back the Energy For All guarantee… now what?

In order for it to be impactful, you need to collect signatures – the more signatures, the more powerful your demands are.

  • Social media: Promote your petition on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email and reach out directly to people in your networks and ask them to sign and share your petition.
  • Online communities: Think about the audiences that you are trying to reach with your petition and find online communities which they may be a part of. Your Energy For All petition is targeting your local MP, so are there online groups for your local community? A local university Facebook page? A neighbourhood WhatsApp group?
  • Get your signers to help with promotion: The best advocates for promoting your petition are people who just signed it. Reach out to them via the your account on the 350 community hub page. Just click your name in the top right corner, and then click ‘My campaigns’. On your petition page, you will see an option to email all your signers.
  • Don’t forget about offline tactics: Get out on the street and collect signatures in your community. Due to GDPR data protection laws in the UK, this could be a bit tricky. The easiest way to do it might be to simply give them the link to your petition and ask them to sign it on their smartphone while you talk.

Are you joining Power Up? On November 3rd and 4th, there’s a global day of action happening to accelerate the global transition to clean, fair, affordable energy for all. Across the UK, people will organise events targeting their MPs, and calling on them to back the Energy For All manifesto. This could be a perfect opportunity to both discuss your petition with your MP and also to get more people to sign it! Sign up to organise an event now!


Wait a sec… have you set up your petition?

You can check this list to see if your MP already supports Energy For All. And if not, use our handy tool to set up a petition targeting your MP, calling on them to back Fuel Poverty Action’s Energy For All guarantee – which would ensure that households in the UK would be provided with enough energy to ensure they can cover their basic needs.