We need more to keep us #WarmThisWinter

No one should be living in fuel poverty. That’s why people are gathering across the UK today – from Cardiff to Glasgow and from Liverpool to London – to demand urgent action from the government to tackle the energy crisis and keep us #WarmThisWinter.

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With energy bills going up, many of us are struggling to stay warm or make ends meet. But hot water bottles and woolly jumpers aren’t enough. Our energy system is broken, and we need urgent support from the Government and investment in sustainable solutions so we’re not facing the same crisis this time next year. To help highlight this, will you share a message on social media now?

Just take a photo of yourself holding up a hot water bottle and the message “We need more than this to keep us #WarmThisWinter” and help flood social media with selfies from across the UK (alternative suggestions below!)

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Suggested message to go along with your photo: We need more to keep us  #WarmThisWinter. I call on Rishi Sunak & the UK Government to end fuel poverty, insulate homes, invest in renewables, and stop any new oil & gas


Together with the rally happening right now outside Westminster, we’ll make sure Rishi Sunak and his Government won’t be able to ignore us. You can see some examples of hot water bottle selfies from the 350 team below!

Don’t have a hot water bottle? You can take a picture of anything else you use to keep warm – a jumper, a big scarf, an electric blanket – and it will still work with your message!


Here are some examples of photos by 350 staff 👇

three pictures of people holding hot water bottles and signs

More ways to take action:

Want to keep taking action? We’ve got some other things you can do right now:

  1. Sign the petition and stand with 250,000 other across the UK demanding urgent action on the energy crisis.
  2. Write a letter to your MP about these issues, using our handy online tool
  3. Share pictures and content from the actions happening today with your friends and family – check out the hashtag #WarmThisWinter on Twitter.