Below is a guest post from our friend Tim Rayner, one of the lead directors of "Coalition of the Willing", a visionary team that's used the power of the Internet to knit together a mind-bending animated film about the war on global warming, produced the first online 'MovementCamps', & are now working on a new web project to wire the world's climate activists together. 

Some amazing stories have been circulating on the 350 blog in the past six months about the 10/10/10 Global Day of Action. Coalition of the Willing would love to hear more of these stories from you good folks who have been living them! We want to use your insights to help us build ProM – an open source ‘dating site’ for the climate action movement.

Coalition of the Willing participated in 10/10/10 with an online Movement Camp to brainstorm ideas towards a new generation of internet tools for the climate crisis. ProM is the direct outcome of this work. We are designing ProM to connect climate action projects in the same way as a dating site connects people to one other. ProM will enable climate actionists to align their projects and set up 'dates' of various kinds to share visions, ideas, and resources.

We'd like to invite your input to the ProM project. Care to share any valuable lessons you learned about collaboration on 10/10/10? We want to use your insights and experiences from 10/10/10 to design a world changing internet system for climate action collaboration.

We want to hear what you learned about collaboration on 10/10/10. We want to learn [1] the things that helped you collaborate successfully and [2] the things that prevented you from collaborating as well as you would have liked.

  • What kinds of connections – with climate activists and others in your community – could have helped you grow your 10/10/10 work party and amplify your message?

  • What shared resources – human, financial, and otherwise – could have helped you better organize or scale up your work party event?

  • Do you have an idea about how to improve collaboration between climate actionists? Do you have a vision of how to facilitate mass collaboration for the social good?

Let us know! By reflecting on your ideas, visions, and stories, we plan to build a system that serves your needs, dreams, and desires.

We have created an online space for you to contribute your ideas and experiences. You'll find it here. It would be wonderful if you could take ten minutes to share some insights. No need for anything fancy. Anything that you can offer us will be greatly appreciated.

Coalition of the Willing is a volunteer-based network organization dedicated to providing open culture solutions for the climate crisis. If you have questions you’d like to ask about Coalition of the Willing or ProM, or if you'd prefer to share your experiences by email, drop us a line on [email protected]

If this project excites you, you can get involved in a deeper way by joining the ProM team.

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