The presidential race has just been called. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be in the White House.

Voters overwhelmingly chose new leaders to move us forward together toward a livable future. Despite climate disasters and voter suppression, we turned out in record numbers. This win is because of Black, Indigenous, young people of color, new immigrant voters who flooded the polls despite significant barriers to fight for a better future for all of us. The climate crisis was a top issue in this election, with 7/10 voters supporting the government to take transformative action on climate breakdown.

Now we must get to work holding the next administration accountable to bold and urgent climate action.

Our job between now and Inauguration Day is clear: Put as much pressure on Biden to use the full power of the Presidency in his first 100 days to combat the climate crisis.

Our climate can’t wait, so neither will we. Will you sign on to our list of 10 Executive Actions we need the Biden Administration to take on day one?


We are in an indisputable climate emergency, and we need to act quickly to make up for the last four years of inaction.

If Congress remains divided, climate legislation will be difficult to pass. That’s why we’re focusing on the measures that Biden can take immediately to keep fossil fuels in the ground and build a just transition.

But without loud and vocal pressure, climate justice could once again be put on the back burner. Every signature helps us build public pressure for these actions.

10 Executive Actions we demand on Biden’s first day in office:

  1. End fossil fuel extraction on public lands.
  2. End crude oil and gas exports.
  3. Deny permits for new fossil fuel infrastructure projects and rescind federal permits for Keystone XL.
  4. Stop fracking through EPA pollution rules.
  5. Create a Just Transition task force.
  6. Investigate and prosecute fossil fuel polluters.
  7. Direct federal agencies to assess and mitigate environmental harms in low-income areas and communities of color.
  8. End fossil fuel subsidies.
  9. Use the Clean Air Act to set a science-based national pollution cap.
  10. Ensure a just and equitable recovery from climate-related disasters.

The US must now prove it can be taken seriously in the climate change fight by immediately re-entering the Paris Agreement, humbly working with global leaders on bolder climate ambitions and a global Just Recovery from COVID-19, and domestically taking rapid steps towards bold, comprehensive climate action. Thankfully, Biden has already committed to re-entering the Paris Agreement.

We know that even with a “climate friendly” leader in the White House, it takes a mass movement of people to stand up to the power of the fossil fuel lobby in Washington.

Under the Obama administration, we had to fight tooth and nail for every victory. But together, we achieved victories that many said were impossible – like putting a halt to the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. Frontline climate justice groups have already laid out additional actions “the executive branch can take to equitably address the climate crisis without new legislation, major new appropriations, or other Congressional authority.” Read the Frontlines Climate Justice Executive Action Platform.

But the stakes are even higher now, and we can’t afford a return to Obama-era climate policies.

We need to phase out existing fossil fuel extraction and implement a Green New Deal that protects communities, workers, and our planet.

Let’s get to work.

If you’re able, can you make a contribution so we can organize to hold Biden’s administration accountable to our climate agenda?

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