In New Zealand, we have large populations of Pacific Islanders. For example, there are more Samoans living in New Zealand, than actually live in Samoa. It’s the same for places like Niue and Tokelau too. So an important part of building the climate movement throughout the Pacific region is for us to connect with the Pacific Island community here so that they can both support their families and villages back in the islands, and be more outspoken about climate change in New Zealand. So last weekend, we kicked off the first of our 350 Pasefika Climate Change Jams – led by our Pacific Outreach Coordinator, Koreti Tiumalu.

We did some filming on the weekend, which the One Day on Earth team edited into a 2 minute film, and then it was screened on Monday at the World Social Good Summit – in New York, Beijing, Nairobi and dozens of places around the world. (just a note that the framing was “how are you using technology for social good in the Pacific region?”). We’re pretty excited about how it worked out – so many thanks to all involved!


New Zealand – SGS Global Conversation from One Day on Earth on Vimeo.

Onward we go this weekend to another Pasefika Climate Change Jam, in Auckland. Then seen as Australia also has massive Pacific Island populations…perhaps we should unleash a 350 Pasefika Climate Change Jam or two there?

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