2,000,000+ Comments Against Keystone XL!

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Last Friday, over 2 MILLION comments against Keystone XL were delivered to the State Department — outnumbering comments in favor of the pipeline by 2 to 1, and beating our goal by a giant margin.

I want to take a moment to say thank you, because that’s a hugely impressive number, and it shows that opposition to the pipeline remains as strong as ever. Really, thank you.

Submitting official comments is just one way that we can show our commitment to stopping the pipeline — there will be many more that we will need to pursue before this fight is over. But this is surely a big message, and one well worth sending. Thank you!


Freeze New Fossil Fuel Development

Governments meeting at the next climate conference must put their Paris pledges into action -- and action means no more room for new fossil fuel projects.
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