350 2014 Year in Review

“Everything’s coming together, while everything falls apart.”

Jamie Henn on 2014

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This year we have seen enormous momentum in people coming together all over the world to take action for the climate.

2014 was the hottest year on record. Countless people all over the world felt the reality of climate change.

Rising Temperatures


NOAA: Land and Ocean Temperature Anomaly, Relative to 20th Century Average (Jun–Oct)

Global temperatures have been rising sharply in the past two decades.

The 10 hottest years on record have all been after 2002, with 2014 setting the new record.

Source: Climate Central

In numbers: Highlights of 2014

400,000 People

Estimated, at the NYC People's Climate March

162 Countries

had People's Climate Events

$50 Billion

Divested from Fossil Fuel Companies

181 Institutions

Pledged to divest from Fossil Fuels, including cities, churches, universities, and more

8 Coal Ships

Stopped by the Pacific Climate Warriors canoe blockade

4 years

Amount of time the Keystone XL pipeline has been stopped in its tracks

In numbers: The Bad News

65 %

Percentage of the planet's carbon budget we've used

5 Hurricanes

Category-5 storms in the Pacific this year

460 People

killed when catastrophic flooding hit parts of India and Pakistan

16.7 Million

Olympic swimming pools' worth of water California needs to recover from multi-year drought

8 Sq. Miles

Land purchased in Fiji by Kiribati, in order to move its entire population to avoid rising sea levels

Video Highlights of 2014

2014: January to December