2017 Reflections

“The hope is as big as the scale of the problem”

Photo By: Claudinei Morando | 350 Brasil

2017 has been a tough year for the climate movement, progressive causes, civil society, and the many communities who have been deeply impacted by climate change. But despite all the challenges, 350.org mobilized and pushed hard for a fossil free future, all around the world. We marched with hundreds of thousands in the streets, stopped major fossil fuel projects like Energy East, won enormous divestment commitments, and supported powerful front line voices who spoke truth to power. Despite all the challenges, we are still able to end the year on a high note with irreversible momentum on our side going into the new year.

We asked some of 350’s staff members around the world to reflect on their highlights from the past year, and what has help them keep.

We are deeply grateful to all our partners, allies and supporters. The wins we have seen this year is because of incredible efforts of people around the world. You can share your own highlights from 2017 online using #2017ClimateStories

Looking Back

What has been the most impactful action your team organized this year and why?




Aurore, Canada

One of the high point of the year for me was the defeat of the Energy East pipeline. In many ways, this fight is one of the reasons I’m working at 350.org right now. Initially, I came on board to support the cross-country movement that was scaling up to oppose this project — the largest tar sands pipeline in North America. People in my hometown really threw down to make sure this would never be built, as did so many inspiring groups I’ve organized with and frontline communities leaders I’ve learned so much from. So many people dedicated immense efforts because of how Energy East would have trampled over Indigenous rights, accelerated climate change, threatened clean water sources, and lock us in the frenzy of tar sands expansion for several more decades. But mostly because people cared about justice and about each other enough to believe they could stop the project. And a learning I’m taking into 2018 is that this massive win came from people organizing to steer how this story was unfolding, and big iconic fights really matter as the climate crisis accelerates — it shifts the sense of what is even possible. Even as other fossil fuel projects get proposed and even as they get approved, that’s what our work is about.

Photo Highlights

“The thing that gives us the most hope in this movement, are the people in the movement.”

May Boeve, Executive Director 350.org

Looking Ahead

After all the craziness in 2017, what experiences, lessons or people are fueling you to keep fighting in 2018 and beyond?

Video Highlights

Videos from 350 mobilisations, actions, events, and from the frontlines of climate change.

COP23 : Go Fossil Free

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Not a Penny More

End the Age of Fossil Fuels

Solar XL


Brazil Retrospective

UNESCO: Protect Heritage Sites, Not Coal!

Raise a Paddle


Global Divestment Mobilisation

Peoples Climate March

Cities For Life


Africa Demands 100% Renewable

Divestment: Choose Your Future

Climate Justice in Sápmi


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“Where struggles arise, warriors are born. We must rise before the tide does.”

Brianna Fruean, Pacific Climate Warrior, Samoa

Headlines and News Coverage

Some of the top headlines from 2017

  • New York just blew a $390 billion-shaped hole in the fossil fuel industry. >>
  • World Bank, ING, & AXA Announce Fossil Fuel Divestment Worth Billions >>
  • Environmental activists storm open-pit coal mine ahead of climate talks >>
  • To Stop Keystone XL, 8,000 People in Just 24 Hours Make “Promise to Protect” >>
  • Bill McKibben: We need action to match the scale of the problem >>
  • Sweden’s largest pension fund just gave Exxon Mobil and other energy giants a stinging slap on the face >>
  • Financing for 2 Degrees: Shifting our money to solutions >>
  • Major Canadian Pipeline Project Is Abandoned >>
  • Climate March Draws Thousands of Protesters Alarmed by Trump’s Environmental Agenda >>
  • Global voices call for fossil fuels divestment >>
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