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Video and Letter from the Executive Director: May Boeve

Dear friends,

Welcome to 350.org’s 2018 Annual Report. This year I decided to make a short video to introduce you to the work that you’re about to read:

One of 350.org’s strengths has been our ability to elevate, nurture, and amplify key stories from across the global climate movement.

These stories change the zeitgeist about the role the fossil fuel industry has played in causing the climate crisis, help expand the movement in key areas of the world, and has enabled millions to see that the fossil fuel era must end. We’re not the only ones who can do storytelling, as the Green New Deal and global school strikes make clear. But we think and know new stories of activism and resistance remain to be told — and that they should drive our organizing.

Thank you for your activism in this movement and for your support of this work — and our ability to uplift the stories that inspire us all.

With deep gratitude and resolve,

signature of May Boeve
May Boeve, Executive Director

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