A few months ago, we announced an exciting partnership with Craftster.org and several other crafting organizations and websites, to host a t-shirt and craft design competition to help spread the word about 350. The contests are now drawing to a close – you have just a few days to finish up your best 350 t-shirt design, hat, quilt or whatever awesome idea you’ve come up with, and submit it to www.craftster.org/350. The submission period ends Friday, at which point the entries will be opened up to the general public for viewing and voting.

The submissions are rolling in and looking great so far – we’ll share one sneak peak with you, a beautiful quilt with a 350 design from a supporter in Belgium. There are still a few days left – so pull out the sketch pad, knitting needles, or sewing machine, and whip something up that can help spread the word in new and creative ways, and win one of great prizes offered! Visit www.craftster.org/350 today to learn more and upload your entry…

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