UPDATE: (Feb 9, 2012, 08:00 UTC): President Nasheed in his own words in a New York Times Op-ed (with video too): click here.

UPDATE (Feb 8, 2012 ,13:50 UTC): President Nasheed and his supporters held protests against the coup today, and we’ve just received reports that he has been arrested (and possibly released again but injured). We continue to be immensely concerned for his safety and the safety of his staff and supporters. Please continue to share this news and call for diplomatic pressure to avoid further violence and restore democracy: click here.

The Maldives Democratic Party today issued the following information about the overthrow of the Maldives’ first democratically elected President, Mohamed Nasheed.

The overthrow occured after small numbers of police and army personal, in response to a call from leading opposition figures, Abdulla Yameen (former President Gayoom’s half brother) and Umar Naseer (former security officer in the regime of President Gayoom), joined with a group of protesters in the centre of Male, protesting against the arrest and detention of a judge accused of corruption.
These police and army personel, especially those from the notorious Star Force established by former President Gayoom then, ignoring the chain of command, moved around the capital in full riot gear, attacking MDP headquarters and the houses of MDP MPs and government officials. Many MDP members and government officials were badly hurt. Some are unaccounted for. MDP-associated property continues to be attacked.
In this climate of chaos and fear, the rogue elements of the police and army helped to take over the main national TV channel, MNBC, replacing it with President Gayoom’s old TV Maldives, and also moved to take control of key installations.
During this time, ex President Gayoom’s allies moved to retake control of the army and police.
The opposition, supported by the army and police, then offered an ultimatum to President Nasheed: step down or be faced with a bloodbath in the capital.
President Nasheed thus resigned in order to protect the public from further violence. His resignation was involuntary in that he had no choice.


President Nasheed at the Copenhagen climate talks calling for 350 ppm for his people’s survival:

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