Anyone who ever said tshirts can’t change the world has never met Colin Beavan. Yesterday, Colin Beaven (aka "No Impact Man") sported his 350 tshirt on "Good Morning America," showing thousands of people our favorite number. See the clip below.

No Impact Man on Good Morning America from on Vimeo.

Colin is on a nationwide speaking tour about his new book, and film, about the No Impact Project, wherein he and his family spent one year living as light on our planet as they could. This involved generating no waste, eating food from no more than 250 miles away, cutting out fossil fuel transportation methods, and educating their community in the process.


I’m midway through the book right now and am enjoying (and learning from it) tremendously. Sometimes climate activism makes a person so busy that she forgets a sustainable livelihood–this book is a helpful reminder of how to do both.

350 is partnering with the launch of the movie (can you tell we love movies? See below for info on another favorite flick, the Age of Stupid), and you can learn more about that here. For now, we have to give it up to Colin for spreading the 350 message to audiences all over the U.S. (the consumers-cum-laude of the planet).

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