The photos that are rolling in now are simply stunning–we can barely keep up with the torrent of photos from the Pacific, where many people in New Zealand, Australia, and Pacific Islands decided that their time-zone head-start wasn’t enough, and started doing their actions on Friday! 

Among my favourites: what our friend Susi Newborn at Oxfam helped coordinate in New Zealand yesterday.  Sending a message that New Zealand’s Pacific Island neighbors are being "hung out to dry" by climate change,  they erected a massive series of washing lines in the sea.

Pacific Islanders waded out to the lines and hung 350 T-shirts, each printed with the name of a different island, on a series of giant washing lines to highlight the insufficient action being taken to combat climate change.

Jane Filemu, a 9-year-old Samoan girl, walked through knee-deep water to hang the final T-shirt–a poignant reminder of just how high the stakes are, and an incredible sign of how intergenerational this movement has become.

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