With the #JobsJusticeClimate mobilizations just one week away, groups all across Canada are gearing up to host inspiring events in their towns. In all their diversity and local flavors, these actions are sending a common, clear and strong message that we can do better — that we can take real climate action while building a just economy. On July 4th, thousands of Canadians will show that they care about their communities, and that we are ready to stop digging, start building and move beyond the tar sands.

  1. Signs. Posters. Flags. Stickers. Human banners!

Across Canada, people are painting their towns red with strong visuals displays. In Vancouver, hundreds will draw a red line along the seawall at Sunset Beach to mark their demand for real action that protects their coast, water and local economies. In Fredericton, at the iconic walking bridge that towers over the St John/Wolastoq river, people will assemble to show they are ready for an economy that works for people.

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  1. Summer celebrations

Showing mobilization savviness, people are hitting up local tourist trails, festivals and creating their own summer events to grow the climate movement across Canada. In Quebec City, a bike-powered mobilization will have people pedalling through the city and surrounding areas, just like in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, St John’s, and more. Making the most of the summer, these bike hikes will work with marching bands, children’s games, picnics and flyering and information blitz to make some special summer mobilizing.

In this great radio ad, Winnipeg organizers let the population know why we need to say no to the Energy East pipeline and join the entire city for a full day of events in Winnipeg with pedals & paddles, speakers, music, banners, art project and more.

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3. Kayaktivism

From Nelson to Winnipeg to Hudson-Oka, people are jumping in kayaks and out on the water to protect their communities. In the wake of the inspiring kayaktiviststs that have circled (more than once) Shell’s Arctic rig in Seattle and off the coast of Vancouver, people east and west are about to bring that tactic home on July 4 with paddles and flotillas. Check out this video of the Hudson-Oka event where kayaks and canoes will cross the Ottawa river just outside Montreal to move past tar sands pipelines (Yep, these are REAL sails, on REAL boats).

  1. Solidarity with Indigenous frontline struggles

These mobilizations are striving to take leadership from First Nations communities that are on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction and the climate crisis. We’re building a new kind of climate movement that grounds itself in the struggle for decolonization and recognizes that Indigenous peoples must be the first in line to benefit from a transition to a new economy.

Solidarity with Indigenous frontline struggles is very much central to the actions taking place on July 4th. For example, in Alberta, at the heart of the tar sands and in the middle of a great moment of political and social transformation, the Indigenous peoples that have led this movement will take the stage with local artists for a free outdoors concert in Edmonton showing the solutions and demanding a just transition to renewable energy and a fair economy.

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These are only a few examples  of all the creative and inspiring organizing that’s taking place right now in the lead up to the day of action. Can you hear the buzz of excitement? Make sure to check out the 350.org/july website,  and RSVP to join the thousands who will stand up together on July 4th. Share the mobilization on social media and help local initiatives be heard all through the country with #JobsJusticeClimate (en français: #ClimatJusticeTransition).

And while you’re at it, make an entire weekend of it and march in the street of downtown Toronto for the March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate on July 5th on the eve of the Pan American Summit! See jobsjusticeclimate.ca for all the details and ways to get there.


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