During our web workshop this week (which if you missed, you can watch here) we had an around the world tour from divestment organizers. I think it’s fair to say we all walked away feeling really excited for Global Divestment Day and all the creative, strategic, and powerful actions coming up.

Here is a round-up of some of the hundreds of actions that will be happening across every continent this February 13-14. Find an event near you on our map



This will be Australia’s 3 divestment day! This time round, Aussies are ready to break up with fossil fuels, and this year what’s particularly near and dear to their heart is stopping the massive coal port expansion that’s been planned on the Great Barrier Reef.

Actions to Expect: Fossil Fuel “Break Up” Flash mobs, drill rig installations, Tina Arena “Simply Divest” performances, giant carbon bubble and human signs. In Sydney there will be a 3-part event starting with chalking, roses, valentines’ cards and breaking up V-day cards in front of the bank. Later musicians will perform a love-inspired song with a rally calling on banks to divest.

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In January, Pope Francis went to the Philippines, and typhoon-survivors, religious leaders, and community members made it clear — they want the Vatican to light the way and divest from fossil fuels. Divestment is taking off throughout the region, and so many people are getting fed up with the high costs of the fossil fuel industry.

Actions to Expect: Umbrella dance in Nepal, banners and actions in Vietnam, Indonesians standing up to coal, and Malaysia/Thailand/Bangladesh demanding their leaders find new energy solutions.




The divestment momentum in Europe is already moving fast in 2015. Just last week, 2 more universities pledged to divest! (We highly recommend reading the statement from Chalmers University in Sweden).

Actions to Expect: Bring your bike to Amsterdam as people take the city by cycle-storm to raise the alarm for divestment. In London there will be street theatre with a lot of colorful characters and a mass action outside City Hall. In Stockholm, there will be a creative performance action to banish fossil fuels from the city council.




The Fossil Free divestment movement in Africa just started last year, but already they’ve taken on a major South African bank that claims to be “green.” Desmond Tutu has also come out strongly in support, calling for an “apartheid-style boycott to save the planet.”

Actions to Expect: It’s all about artivism in Africa with film, music, performance, art and visual media taking the message of divestment to people. 6 funky musicians from Soweto called BCUC will be sure to get people dancing. Communities will also come together for action in Burkina Faso, Benin, Nigeria, Egypt and Oman!




Global Divestment Day will be a major springboard for more actions this year. Students and communities will be owning the financial argument and saying loud and clear — fossil fuels are history.

Actions to Expect: At 30-40 campuses, students will be asking university officials “Whose side are you on?” and escalating campaigns. Also from communities: Canadians will be saying “don’t bank on the Tar Sands”, there will be a benefit concert in Missouri, Californians will be targeting the largest pension fund — and more! Lima, Peru will also be taking the divestment calls to their government.



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