COP25 kicked off this week, and at this year’s UN climate talks, we’re demanding that our governments stop giving our money to the fossil fuel industry and fund climate solutions instead.

While people around the world struggle with unemployment, poverty, and the ever increasing impacts of the climate crisis, some of our governments have recently pumped more than USD $63.9 billion per year into the fossil fuel industry.

How dare they jeopardise our future?

Call on your government to stop giving public money to the fossil fuel industry.

Many governments are attending COP25, the climate summit, in Spain from 2-13 December, to discuss and agree measures to deal with climate change – making it the perfect time for us to put pressure on them to stop funding fossil fuel projects.

Fossil fuel companies have polluted our planet, our communities and our democracies. To free ourselves from inequality, corruption, and a runaway climate crisis, we need to transform our society, and fund a just transition to 100% renewable energy for all.

The money that is currently going into the pockets of fossil fuel CEOs and their shareholders at the expense of local communities, needs to support investments to ensure rights and social protection for people whose incomes will be affected, and to provide pathways to transition to low-carbon jobs.

Demand our public money be used to pursue a just, fair, renewable future instead. Add your name to the petition we’ll deliver to delegates at COP25.

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