Check out an exciting new 350 project in South Africa via Adam Welz,’s Africa Media Director:

An enterprising bunch of South African bird enthusiasts has decided to set themselves a serious 350 challenge: Photograph 350 species of birds in South Africa within the 24 hours of 24 October and get the images up on a website by the end of the next day. Phew!

The organizers are actively recruiting volunteer photographers across the nation for the 350-24-24 Bird Photo Challenge. They don’t want this to be a one-of-a-kind event and are encouraging birders in other countries to steal the idea.

The Challenge, which will have the added benefit of publicising South African birding and bird conservation, is a partnership between BirdLife South Africa, Birding Africa tour company, and PlusPlusMinus webdesign. It’s been put together with impressive speed after the idea was floated by 350’s Adam Welz (himself a keen birder) just a few days ago.

The Challenge aims to be as inclusive as possible. Every effort will be made to include images from every volunteer and, via weblinks in picture captions, to highlight birds of conservation concern and the top birding destinations in this super-diverse country.

If you’d like to know more you can visit the Challenge website at or email [email protected]. Join the 350-24-24 Bird Photo Challenge! Or start your own!

If you’re looking for other 350 exciting actions happening in South Africa on Oct. 24th — Check out the map!

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