Check out how 350 and the Wild and Scenic Film Festival have teamed up for the International Day of Climate Action. If you’d like to host your own film screening on October 24, check out our Action Ideas page!
The 350 buzz has been picked up by the United States’ largest environmental film festival. The Wild & Scenic and Environmental film festival is a grassroots organization dedicated to showing inspiring and informative films about the litany environmental threats we face today. Check out their latest trailer. They provide “turn-key” programs that make it easy and affordable for communities to “host a tour” venue.  For example, our partners over at Clif Bar host the films at their Berkeley, California headquarters.

Now WSEFF has teamed up with 350 to incorporate climate change activistm directly into their festivals. The Prickly Pear Land Trust will be putting on a show in Helena, Montana for the 23th.  It’s putting Helena on the October 24 map, even if it’s a day earlier!
Hosting a film festival is a fantastic way to support 350; bringing together communities, efficiently educating a large audience, and hopefully inspiring more people to take action. Film is great for introducing sensitive issues, telling the stories of those making a difference and providing solutions to the climate crisis in a fun and engaging manner. Once people are motivated to initiate change, you can provide them with 350 materials so they instantly have an easy way to get involved. To get posters, fliers, organizing guides and more about 350, check out our website. So, become an organizer or recruit a local organization to host a festival today!
 Since we wrote this, a few additional festival sites have joined in:

Greener Partners – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 24th at Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia
Contact: Erin Herz: [email protected], 484-318-8691

Sitka Conservation Society – Sitka, Alaska on Saturday, October 24th at the Sitka Performing Arts Center
Contact: Natalie Sattler: [email protected], 907-747-7509

Asheville, North Carolina
Friday, October 23rd
Contact: Gracia O’Neill – [email protected], (828) 251-1291

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