When you think of Germany in October the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the Oktoberfest – Germany’s well-known beer festival in Munich. And that’s right – but this year we will not just celebrate German beer but also the 350 beer festival. On Oct 24th people will gather in one of the most famous Munich beer gardens to raise their beer mugs or juice glasses for 350.


And have you ever heart of Love parade? The Love parade was a massive event happening in the 90s in Berlin when nearly a million ravers took the streets of Berlin each year to celebrate their culture of techno/electronic music. This year 350 ravers will take on the street of Berlin as part of a silent climate parade to dance to music which only they can hear through earphones to demonstrate the silence which still exists around the problem of climate change.


But we can do political as well. In front of the Brandenburger Tor in the middle of Berlin German environmental and humanitarian organizations called for Germany’s first “Who want’s to be the next climate chancellor” competition. 350 people dressed up as chancellor Angela Merkel who just got reelected will compete for the 350 crown. And we all know who will win this competition, right? The chancellor whose politics will bring us back to 350 ppm as quickly as possible.


So Mrs. Merkel be prepared – because in all corners of Germany people will get out on Oct 24th to make sure that you will hear their message: 350 and nothing less is what we expect from Germanys next climate chancellor to stand for in Copenhagen!


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