For years, the climate movement has organized in unprecedented numbers to tell President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. We have held vigils and rallies in all 50 states, participated in mass mobilizations and taken part in civil disobedience to ensure that KXL, a disaster for climate and communities, is not approved. Now, in what we believe are the final weeks of this fight, folks all across the country are stepping up in big ways, carrying us towards the finish line as we near President Obama’s final decision.

Over the past few weeks, our movement has made sure that wherever President Obama goes, he is greeted by us and our message. When he gave a speech in Boise, Idaho, we showed up:


He was met by a crowd in Lawrence, Kansas:

Philadelphia, PA turned out in the cold:

And Washington D.C. was there early in the morning:
dc bird dog WP

Often, our friends have organized these actions under very short notice, pulling together late night banner making parties, last minute phone-banking sessions and quickly rallying friends and family to turn out and tell Obama to reject KXL. Waving to the Presidential motorcade might seem small, but this sort of pressure is critical and shows the dedication and commitment this movement is made of.

The president can’t go anywhere without seeing us and hearing our message, and when he makes his final decision on KXL, he will have the faces of a big and beautiful movement in his mind. Huge thanks to everyone who has organized, rallied and made some noise to stop Keystone XL in these past few weeks. Your work is inspiring and is bringing us closer and closer to the finish line.

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