We just got word from our team in Beijing that they have rocketed past 300 events in China! This is absolutely incredible. Three weeks ago, the organizers at the China Youth Climate Action Network announced that October 24 would be "China Youth Climate Action Day" in support of 350. With nearly 30 volunteers working around the clock out of Beijing, and hundreds of universities stepping up to organize events, there are now actions in from the melting Himalayan glaciers to coastal cities threatened by rising seas.

Take a look at this video from Xiangyu Zhao, international director of the China Youth Climate Action Network introducing the day of action:  

October 24 will be the largest day of environmental action in China’s history. With many environmental challenges, and thousands of potential solutions, China is a key country in the fight against climate change. We’re honored to be working with our allies in China and so proud of the leadership that they are showing. Events will begin in China in less than 24 hours and we couldn’t be more excited.

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