Today we received word that Brazil’s former environment minister and current presidential candidate Marina Silva has endorsed the 350ppm target – watch the video (with subtitles) to see for yourself.  Silva is a hero to environmentalists in Brazil – she grew up in the Amazon, where she founded the independent trade union movement with rubber tapper leader Chico Mendes.  She has since been a constant advocate for the future of the Amazon, leading her to resign from her post as environment minister in 2008 after she found increasing resistance to protect the Amazon from deforestation and large scale hydroelectric projects.

Now, as she begins her campaign for president, she is also on board with 350 in Brazil, which is shaping up to have a major presence for October 24th.  There are over 150 events throughout the country and they have a distinctly Brazilian flavor – a rock concert (complete with Carnaval drumming) in Sao Paolo, a reforestation and photo opportunity in front of Foz de Iguazu, a rally at a pro soccer game in Belo Horizonte, and a gathering on the famous Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.  They will all be brought to the government’s attention on Tuesday when high school students will rally outside the Brazilian senate, forming a huge 350 outside, and delivering petitions collected by the TicTac campaign inside.  Brazilians love a good party, and that’s just what October 24th is shaping up to be!

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