I just received a great email in my inbox from Mahbub Hasan, a 350.org supporter in Bangladesh who works with the Coastal Development Partnership. Mahbub and his team have translated 350.org outreach materials into Bangladeshi and are reaching out across the country to register even more events for the October 24 International Day of Climate Action. Take a look at this video of Mahbub talking about his plans at the UN Climate Talks in Bangkok:

October 24 will be an especially powerful day thanks to the hard work and leadership of people like Mahbub and all of the organizers who are working in place on the frontlines of climate change. From the students in Nepal who are planning events at the base of melting Himalayan glaciers to organizers in Manila who are still running a full-scale relief operation after the typhoons that left the city underwater, we are honored, humbled, and re-inspired to be working with those already feeling the impacts of climate change, and rising to the challenge of solving the crisis.

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