As the momentum for October 24th is building, one of the most amazing and inspiring stories are coming in from Bangladesh. About a month back, I connected with Shovan who is one of the organizers in Dhaka and was extremely distressed by the impacts of climate change affecting his country. He has been extremely active and passionate about the importance of 350 ppm spreading to people there, and is coordinating more than 18 actions, with several other organizations, now in and around Dhaka for the Global Day of Action. 

In the past one week these organizers have done several build up events with varying groups of people. The enthusiasm of the disabled freedom fighters, the lonely child, and the human chain and the candle light demonstration by the youth are all asking the world to take notice of them too. October 24th is goin to be truly sensational, joining people from different countries, backgrounds and faiths with a common thread — the need for 350 ppm — and Bangladesh is very much ready to be a part of it all.

First photo: demonstration by disabled freedom fighters organized by Nirapad Development Foundation (NDF)

Second photo: candle light demonstrations organized by WBB Trust

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