These halls are filled with policy people, bureaucrats, and lots and lots of suits.  But, as Teresa and others are reporting, they’re incredibly inspired by what happened on the 24th around the world.  And here’s a little secret – they’re also more than a little jealous. You all who organized for the 24th are cool (watch that slideshow again if you don’t think so), and now you can add UN delegates to the list of people who think so (CNN, BBC, Reuters, the 350 coordinating team…).  

Last night, we thought we would try to bring a little more humanity into the negotiations here, and took our creative inspiration from the events organized on the 24th.  Here are the results from our 350 Light Show in Barcelona.  Hope you all enjoy it – everyone here did.  Thanks to Robert van Waarden for the photos, and huge thanks to the Barcelona team here who worked with us to set everything up.

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