In far northwestern Pakistan, amidst the Hindu Kush Mountain bordering with Afghanistan, over 500 people came together in the village of Booni to celebrate 10/10/10 with an event titled "Breaking of Booni Glacier, Its Relationship to Climate Change." Booni and other villages in the area were among some of the first places hit by the massive floods that struck Pakistan in July and August of this year. Water from heavy rains built up behind the Booni glacier higher up the valley caused the glacier to suddenly burst and release a flash flood down the valley destroying homes and farmland. The village of Booni knows all too well the risks of living in a world at 392 ppm. On 10/10/10 they came together to discuss ways to adapt to the changing climate, to take actions that could help prevent further disaster, and to issue a call to the rest of us: "350!"


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