As thousands of groups gather around the globe today to sound the alarm on climate change, each and every one of us can also make a call to wake up our leaders.  You can use the widget below to find the phone numbers of leaders in your country.  

Let’s flood their phone-lines with calls today, and let them know we want international action to get the world back below 350 ppm CO2!

And some actions are already underway, like the 350 phone-call party action in New Zealand displayed in the photo above. For anyone taking part in the actions today be sure to document them with photos and videos as best you can.  You can report back from your action by emailing photos and video to [email protected] or for large files you can upload them here:  If you’re just learning about today’s actions now, and want to join in, you can check out the actions map to find one near you here:

This is most definitely a big day as our movement starts to step it up once more.  Let’s a wake up our leaders today, and then build our movement ever louder and bigger in the weeks to come so there is no way they can ignore us!


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