Dear Friends,

Brazil has been suffering with the greediness of landowners that want to change Brazilian Legislation allowing them to cut our forests without being arrested or suffer any kind of punishment like paying fines.

The Brazilian Forest Code is a very significant legal framework even suffering difficulties on the law fulfillment. But now some legislators supported by big farmers and big agriculture corporations are trying to change the forest code allowing more deforestation, providing amnesty to those who illegally cut forest in the last decade, shrinking river’s protection corridors, and allowing more logging, monoculture and extraction.

With these changes on the law, Brazilian emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere will increase again preventing the country to meet its voluntary target of reducing CO2 emissions by up 39% until 2020.

The Congress decision should be taken at any moment and then we have a last chance to change it asking our President , Dilma Rousseff, to veto the crucial parts of it.

That’s why our organizers in Brazil have been gathering together with lots of partner NGOs and social movements to protest and ask for our representatives to listen to the people and not the polluters!


Be connected in our channels to know what is happening with our forest and soon we’ll have more news about how you around the world can help us to stop it!

In hope,

Paula Collet on behalf of 80% of Brazilian population and 100% of Brazilian Forest. 

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