It's an exciting day in our nation's capital, as the winds of change blow away the smog of money pollution. Thousands of young people and their allies from around the country are marching on three major sources of dirty energy: the US Chamber of Commerce, who poisons politics, BP, who poisoned the Gulf, and Gen-On, who poisons the lungs of DC residents with their dirty coal fired power plant.

But we're not just marching against something. We're marching for something.

As Bill McKibben put it in a speech on Saturday night, "We fight not just for ourselves, we fight for the beauty of this place. For cool trout streams and deep spruce woods. For chilly fog rising off the Pacific and deep snow blanketing the mountains. We fight for all the creation that shares this planet with us." And now, more than ever, we fight together.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka fires up the crowd:

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