Brno 350 SculptureThere are little surprises in our email inboxes almost every day now.  Good surprises, and getting increasingly exciting and frequent every day.  Examples: People emailing us about an event in their local area, like Chris from the UK who’s making a new film on climate change (two days ago).  People asking how they can get involved spreading the word on 350, like Veronika from the Czech Republic who volunteered to help us with translation (last week).  And then people who have heard about the buzz building around 350 and want to find out what it’s all about, like Jacques, a journalist in Switzerland (earlier today – thanks Peter for connecting us!)

This one came in early in the week – a museum night in Brno, Czech Republic, where people created original sculpture out of white blocks in a spontaneous open air art gallery.  A sculpture of appeared amongst the figures and phrases that people created, and our good friend Yvonna was kind enough to send the photos along.  Enjoy, and check out the other ideas people had, too.

In fact, I have a hunch that the spontaneiety of the sculpture may, in reality, have been a little pre-planned.  Yvonna is a part of an organization in the Czech Republic called Veronica, the Czech Union for Nature Conservation.  Veronica is an important partner in our upcoming Baobab Climate Tour across the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia.  So while Yvonna never mentioned who created this beautiful spontaneous art, I have my guesses…

Stay tuned for more on the Baobab Climate Tour, starting June 1, and keep the good surprises coming!

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