Numerous German NGOs have issued a statement in solidarity with the peaceful direct action Ende Gelände from 14-16 August that aims to bring the coal diggers in the Rhineland to a halt.

The declaration signed by, Friends of the Earth Germany, Oxfam, Campact, urgewald, Attac and many more, refers to the action as an ‘awakening signal to phase out a destructive technology‘ and ‘an act of solidarity with people around the world, especially those that are already threatened by climate change today‘.

Ende Gelände

The statement criticises the lack of political action on climate change: “Despite the scale of the threat and strong protests, energy companies continue to produce and burn coal. […]. Even plans for a ‘climate levy’ on the dirtiest power stations was scrapped following pressure from the coal lobby.”

The statement concludes: “In the face of impending climate catastrophe, we understand that people feel moved to take actions of civil disobedience against coal. We stand in solidarity with their peaceful protest.”

The full statement is available in German.

For more information about the action and to learn how you can get involved, visit: 



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