In just one month youth climate community in Kyiv got a powerful level-up. Besides numerous artistic events and media broadcasts we have launched the Ukrainian Youth Climate Association and entered a phase of intensified strategic planning.

Silent Parade in Kyiv, Ukraine united different eco-movements
Our mission is empowering people to take personal responsibility of their lives, their country and their Planet. And with our new leader – ambitious and sparkling Olga Monchak – we are getting ready for such challenges as PowerShift-2 and DIY practical campaign this autumn.
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This June is hot period for all climate activists all over the world. It is becoming hotter and hotter for Ukrainian climate youth movement as well. During disputes around Rio+20 Ukrainian youth does not stay apart from global trends and keeps fighting for better and safer future for all of us. Here is brief review of chronology of main events that happen in Ukraine this month.

Sergey Hihat is speaking to one of the main Ukrainian TV channels during the Silent Parade

The first action was held on the 3rd of June when Ukrainian youth launched the first Ukrainian Silence Parade. More than hundred young people with different activist and social background, representing different non-government organizations and movements marched through the capital’s city centre. Not saying a single word, wearing headphones and holding placards and posters demanding clean sources of energy, green future and stop of climate change. The parade ended with announcing the Ukrainian Youth Climate Association which is aimed to unite young people in one broad, powerful movement, governed by young people in order to stop climate change.

Olga Monchak is possing to cameras in a green hat

First step of the newborn UYCA was made on the 16th of June. activists, Inna Datsiuk and Helelen Angelova, were delegated to travel half a globe to attend Rio+20, so that the voice of Ukrainian youth could be heard during the global summit. Their messages and blogs from Rio are vital source of information on international negotiations as well as hope to solve global crisis for all of us. Despite of general frustration, which Rio+20 brings to us, there is still the power of unity which the youth from all over the world and our delegates re-translated to us.

Lena (left) and Inna (right) take part in the Red Line action during Rio +20

It did not take long for young Ukrainian Youth Climate Association to present another great action. On the 18th of June we joined global #EndFossilFuelSubsidies campaign, together with partners – Bankwatch, NECU and NGO Working group on climate change. Ukrainian activist visited opening of the EU sustainable energy week in Kyiv, by performing great theatrical show. We were asking the Ukrainian government and the EU to end subsidies for fossil fuels and instead provide much-needed support for renewable energy. The uneven development of the energy sector is particularly acute in Ukraine, where currently less than half of one percent of all Ukraine’s power is produced from renewable energy sources. Ukrainian youth activists made clear statement that we do not want to rely on fossil fuels in future. Youth demanded to decrease amount of money spent on subsidizing unprofitable coal-mining and invest money into renewable energy.

Performance: Youth conviences Ukraine to invest in renewables, not in coal. Dirty capitalists go away.

Check this wrap-up video from the event:


We are also invited to interviews with media quite frequently and join many of the eco-initiatives in the country this summer.

That is all news for June at the moment. Ukrainian activists are in hot dispute of future steps of Ukrainian Youth Climate Association. We do not know where our way will take  yet, but we are sure that we want to initiate bold, united and meaningful campaigns and we will keep fight for our future till the end.

Tetiana Shevchuk


By Tetiana Shevchuk

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