Look, everyone on the American side of 350.org is in frenetic motion right now. This 24 hour email blitz that we kicked off at noon New York time is going strong as we fight Keystone XL and the cloud of carbon it would pour into the atmosphere.

But we’re a global campaign, and this is a global fight. And at exactly the same hour as we started the email surge, we delivered nearly 40,000 signatures to the State Dept. demanding that they take action to protect Maldivian president Nasheed and his associates, and return democracy to the islands.

That’s Zaheena Rasheed, one of 350.org’s earliest interns and a native of the Maldives, delivering a box full of petitions to the State Department’s Asia desk. She’s accompanied by Juan Carlos Soriano, our Latin American director. We’ll make sure that this gets covered across the region, and we’ll keep this fight going. The fossil fuel industry has strong internal ties–the ties of money. But the ties of this movement are built on brotherhood and love, and they’re stronger.

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