If a tree falls in the woods and noone is there to hear it, does it make a sound?  If a climate change rally takes place and nobody documents it, does it matter?

Well, of course it does – it engages and educates your community, and brings together the important stakeholders needed to begin the transition to a post-carbon economy.  But, it doesn’t have the impact it needs to on world leaders, who right now need a major push from civil society to do the right thing and set 350ppm as the long term goal in Copenhagen in December.  October 24th can be that push.  But we need help making sure that all the amazing events being planned are properly documented and broadcast to the world.

And so we are reaching out the photographers of the world.  Photographers have already been making an amazing contribution to the 350 effort through the project 350 Photographers for the Earth – a gallery of images of climate change impacts (with a goal of 350 submissions – we’re at 50!).  Now we have created a sign-up page for photographers who wish to utilize their skill to make these actions count – visit www.350.org/photograph-o24 to read the invitation letter from Bill McKibben and professional photographers Chris Noble and Robert van Waarden, and pass this on to your friends who are photographers!


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