What a question!  So headlines the latest big news piece on 350, in today’s LA Times

No, of course 350.org can’t save the world.  But the global movement for a fair, just climate agreement that brings us back below the level of 350 parts per million CO2 can, and that’s exactly what we aim to demonstrate through this project.  Not in a million years could we do it without all of you – telling your friends, making videos and songs, writing blogs and letters, and most importantly – organizing.  Organizing events in your community, wherever you are, for October 24.  Maybe, when all that adds up, that headline isn’t so crazy.  Replace “350.org” with a big, committed, energized, fired-up-and-ready-to-go “We,” and now we’re talking.

Here’s Bill making the case as only he can.  A great snippet – click below to read the whole strategy:

In fact, the problem is pretty simple: The environmental movement isn’t big enough. It’s one of the most selfless of advocacy efforts. But the movement has been sized to save whales and build national parks and force carmakers to stick catalytic converters on exhaust systems. It’s nowhere near big enough to take on the fossil fuel industry, the biggest player in our global economy. It’s like sending the Food and Drug Administration to fight the war in Afghanistan.

Exxon Mobil Corp. made more money last year than any U.S. company in the history of money. That gives it more clout than all the green groups combined. Which is why, if the Copenhagen conference is going to be anything but a disaster, we need to build a stronger movement. All around the world. Very fast.

That sounds quixotic, but maybe not. I’m here in Australia…

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