It's fascinating what power of perspective the distance of a photographic lens can provide.  Robert Van Waarden is, how best to put it, an engaged photographer.  Part of the movement on climate change but maintaining a professional perspective, he's done better than anyone else I know at capturing the growth and passion of mostly young climate advocates around the world.

Another movement-advocate-gone-professional, Ashel Eldridge has a new EP coming out right now as Seasunz & J. Bless which addresses topics of food and water security, climate change, prisons, poverty, and the potential for social transformation, all with an intelligent and edgy hip-hop sound.  

The reason I'm pushing these two at you is that they teamed up to produce an incredible climate photo-documentary video for Earth Day this year.  Earth Day has been a beautiful celebration for many years, but if it's going to be effective on climate change it needs its political edge back.  If you want to get fired up about that leading edge, its drive and momentum, power and beauty, check out these photos and this music.  350 abounds, so congrats to all our allies who helped make these moments happen, and thanks to Robert and Ashel for showing us their view of what's going on in the world.

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