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Germany has a serious coal credibility problem

Proposals by the German government to reduce emissions from coal power plants are under threat despite new analysis showing that German lignite coal plants make up 4 out of 5 largest emitters in Europe. The proposals to limit emissions from coal, which were leaked last month, are coming under intense pressure from local politicians and... (More...)
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Guardian launches fossil fuel divestment campaign

The Guardian, one of the world’s most respected and influential news organisations, has joined the fight to keep fossil fuels underground by launching its own divestment campaign in partnership with In just 24 hours, more than 75,000 people have joined the campaign on the Guardian’s website asking the world’s largest charitable foundations – the... (More...)
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EU: do as you say, not as you do

On the day after US President Obama, in a notoriously challenging domestic political context for climate action, vetoed a major fossil fuel infrastructure project, the EU has announced its ‘Energy Union’ vision and commitment kicking off the UN climate talks’ country pledges process. Prepare to be underwhelmed. The move is failing to deliver the emissions... (More...)

First vote on fracking in the UK – the day after

Yesterday, UK MPs voted for the first time on fracking, as part of the so-called Infrastructure Bill. It looks like the government is conceding and is adopting the opposition’s (Labour Party) amendment, which would still allow fracking to take place, but under certain safeguards (e.g. no national parks, no over aquifers). The amendment for a moratorium... (More...)
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URGENT CALLOUT: Anti-fracking rally in London, 26th January

  On 26th January, MPs will be voting on the Government’s Infrastructure Bill containing, amongst other things, an amendment including the legal obligation to maximise recovery of gas and oil, an amendment proposing a ban on fracking and the Government’s controversial proposal to allow fracking under people’s homes without permission. We want MPs to hear... (More...)
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One more nail in the coffin for European coal

As if the signs of nature itself weren’t enough, this week the global community received another strong steer from Nature (with a capital N – the prestigious scientific journal) that keeping most coal in the ground is the only way to contain climate change. The numbers are particularly dire for Europe, where 21% of oil... (More...)
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Europe fails to close doors to dirty tar sands oil

Members of the European Parliament yesterday narrowly failed to reject new fuel quality rules — the EU’s crucial climate legislation aimed at reducing emissions from transport fuels — paving the way for more tar sands oil in Europe. The decision only reinforces the importance of other struggles seeking to curb the expansion and influence of... (More...)
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Denmark pledges to quit coal by 2025

As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change meets in Copenhagen to approve its latest report, which will provide the strongest assessment to date of the dangers to life and the planet of burning fossil fuels, Denmark has pledged to examine how it can stop using coal as an energy supply by 2025. This is five... (More...)
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Taller de Acción Fotográfica en Barcelona

El TAF! (Taller de Acción Fotográfica) coordinado por Oriana Eliçabe, miembro del colectivo Enmedio, estará impartiendo un taller en Barcelona conjunto con  En esta ocasión los objetivos serán realizar una acción fotográfica colectiva con una temática muy concreta: el impacto en la salud y en el entorno de la contaminación producida por la incineración de residuos en cementeras.... (More...)
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Europe must close doors to tar sands oil

The European Union is attempting to throw open its doors to dirty tar sands oil, by abandoning its plan to label tar sands oil as highly polluting.  After years of frustrating delays for climate campaigners, the EU appears to have caved in to intense lobbying efforts by oil giants and pressure from the Canadian government... (More...)
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Société Genérale: kick your coal habit

With  banks publicly stating they will reduce their investments in coal, it is now time for private banks such as Société Générale to make this pledge as well.

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Prime Minister David Cameron promised his would be the “greenest government ever”. Yet through supporting hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – he is recklessly pursuing new sources of fossil fuels. Join our call for a Frack Free UK.


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