Climate action is heating up in Thailand as the United Nations Intersessional Climate Meetings approach (talks begin this September 28). The UN meetings will be a key step on the road to the Copenhagen climate talks this December. In Bangkok, negotiators will try and start to narrow down the text. We’re keeping a close eye to make sure that 350 ppm and other key provisions stay in the official text and don’t get tossed aside.

But we’re most excited about the action happening outside the United Nations compound in Bangkok. As I write, our allies at Greenpeace and TckTckTck are leading the "Chang[e]" elephant caravan through Thailand. "Chang" means elephant in Thai, so these sacred animals are a perfect symbol for the change we need! 

Organizers across Thailand are gearing up for October 24, as well. Check out the photos in this post of some 350 supporters in Thailand who are already taking action. Most exciting, this Oct 2-5, will be hosting an Asian Youth Climate Workshop for over 100 youth from 14 Asian countries to share skills, learn about climate change and its solutions, and start preparing for October 24! 

We’ll keep you updated as the conference approaches. In the meantime, keep up the great organizing and "Chang[e]" that you’re making in your community! 

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