The picture above is me, and our great Lebanese 350/Indyact colleague Sara El Choufi, with three of our wonderful Omani allies at last night’s talk. Lamha Alhabsi and Samiya Alhabsi are sisters, and that’s their friend and coworker Ghalia Al-Zaabi. In collaboration with the British Council they organized a wonderful evening last night at Sultan Qaiboos University, which is the main institution of higher education in this Persian Gulf country.

Oman is hot, at least yesterday, but also very beautiful. The coastline near the old city of Muscat is as beautiful as any I’ve ever seen. And though the climate movement is very new here, our allies are filled with energy and enthusiasm–they’re heading out to a series of festivals in the next few weeks to sign people up for Oct. 24, and promise something memorable for the big day. 
Oh, and that box I’m holding? My new glass version of the ceremonial dagger that Omani men wear in the belt of their robes. Many thanks to everyone here for a very special night. 


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