Cross posted from, and written by our friend Caroline How.  This is a great example taking the 350 message straight to decision-makers… 

It was a funny day in Durham earlier this week, when after two years of international climate change lobbying, it all came home! US Senator Chris Dodd arrived to celebrate the Durham Fair (one of Connecticut’s largest fall events) and parked his car at my house, a serendipitous lobbying opportunity occurred. Along with my district’s representative to the Connecticut state legislature and Senate, we discussed the role of green jobs and clean energy to rebuild Connecticut’s and America’s economy, while also setting us on target to a bold, equitable, and science-based agreement in Copenhagen that will bring the planet back to 350 ppm.

Senator Dodd was enthusiastic and agreed that he would work to ensure strong energy policy in the United States in the coming months. Meanwhile, Connecticut representatives Matt Lesser and Ed Meyer agreed to continue to push through Connecticut’s solar energy policy and ensure that the energy efficiency stimulus funds actually get distributed to the families that need it most to stay warm this winter and stay green all year long. At the fair, lots of people commented on the sign, and singers from The Guess Who shared their support for 350 as well, after a crowd of 25,000 heard them sing “Share the Land” and explain that we’re all in the same canoe! We are all on this planet, this canoe, together, and it’s time to bring messages around the world and back home.



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