Today, we at Asia are thrilled to launch our latest eBook, Connecting the Dots.

This comprehensive investigative storytelling resource dives into the connections between climate-destroying fossil fuel projects in Asia and the institutions that fund them. It highlights gripping stories from communities, scientific insights, and actionable, just solutions.

The eBook is downloadable for free. We encourage everyone to share this valuable resource with friends, family, and colleagues to raise the alarm about the urgent need for real climate action in Asia. One way to do that is to demand accountability from those funding dangerous fossil fuels.

Explore our website for additional resources, featured stories, and ways to get involved. We hope this would be a resource that everyone can use to stay updated, and engage in meaningful conversations with your peers or network.

Download Connecting the Dots eBook today and together let’s unveil the culprits funding the climate crisis, and support the communities driving positive change.

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