Helena Hećimović is a Town Councilor in the city of Koprivnica, Croatia, and now she’s also a 24th of October 350 event organizer.  Helena got in touch after our 100+ countries email, excited to become the first organizer in Croatia and be a part of the global campaign.  Three days ago she met with the other Councilors and secured their approval, and then she took a photo to prove it.

It looks like Helena has things moving quickly towards a successful day in Koprivnica on the 24th.  She told us last week that she hopes to make it "a truly memorable event", and her organizing shows that she’ll make that hope a reality.

If you are organizing a 24th of October action, make sure you’re moving towards a successful day too, with the 9 Step Organizing Guide and a Quick List of Organizer Links for your action.  Thanks Helena, and thanks to all who are organizing for October 24.  With less than a month to go, it’s not too late – get registered and get organizing!

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