My name is Porag, and I am a young climate justice advocate from Atapara in the Bogura district. I started organizing for climate justice during my school days.

I am writing to congratulate you on your appointment as the Prime Minister’s special envoy on climate change. As a young person living in a vulnerable country, I am deeply concerned about the climate crisis, and your appointment is a ray of hope for the future.

I am particularly excited about your commitment to amplifying the voices of young people in climate action. As you know, young people are disproportionately affected by the worsening impacts of climate change, and we have much to offer regarding solutions. I hope you will work to ensure that our voices are heard at the highest levels of decision-making.

One of the most important ways to amplify young people’s voices is to ensure they have access to climate education. Young people must have the knowledge and skills to fight climate change. I urge you to focus on climate education in Bangladesh and work with educators and policymakers to ensure that young people learn about the climate crisis and are equipped to take action.

Another way to amplify the voices of young people is to create opportunities for them to participate in spaces tackling climate action. This could include funding youth-led projects or paving the way for young people to directly engage with policymakers and decision-makers. I hope that you will work to create more ways for young people to be involved.

Finally, I commend your work on Just Transition and Renewable Energy. These are essential issues for Bangladesh, and I am confident you will continue to advocate for them in your new role. Young people of the country have been advocating for a Green New Deal, and this advocacy, paired with your new role, can bring about positive changes in the country’s energy scenario. 

Please take heed. Young people have so much to lose if we don’t act urgently, yet know that we also have so much to offer in the fight against climate change. So it is my deepest hope you will work with us to build a more sustainable future for Bangladesh and the world.

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